About Thiruvilwamala
Thiruvilwamala is a scenic hilly village surrounded by greenery on the banks of Baratha Puzha Neela Nadhi

Neela Nadhi is believed that after the Kurukshetra war, the 'Pancha Pandavas' gave 'Pithru Bali' to their fore fathers at 'Bharatha Kadavu'. This is well recited in our epic 'Mahabharatha' by the words "Bharatha Kandam Samarpayami"

Vilwadhiri Nadha Kshethram is one of the 64 Beeja Kshethrams in India. Lord Ram and Lakshman had came to this place in their quest for Sita who was abducted by Ravana. They sat in this particular place back to back, one facing the east and the other the west. It is believed that saint Amalakarishi meditated over Lord Vishnu here and Lord Vishnu gave darshan to the saint in the form of Lord Rama. The meditation place of the saint is still seen here.

Punarjani cave is another sacred place. This cave was constructed by 'Vishva Karma' by the request of 'Parasurama', which is open only on Guruvayur Ekadeshi once a year. It is believed that one who goes into the cave on this auspicious day and emerges out on the other side takes on a new life and cleanses all his 'Purva Paapa Karma' (Sins).

Parakottu kavu temple is a well known Bagavathi temple famous for its firework display every year.

Ivormadam situated on the banks of Barathapuzha is another historical place. After the Kurukshetra war, the Pancha Pandavas visited this place to perform the Veli Puja for their parents and had built a temple for Lord Krishna here and placed (Pradhista) the Moorthy (statue).

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